The Team

Hello, Just a few words about me: 188 cm tall, shoe size 46 and 30 years young, currently I am living for work in Frankfurt Germany while being professionally active in the automotive industry. I am happily engaged to a Latvian-Russian, Viktorija, with who I like to explore the world and enjoy the beauty of life! I have lived so far in all kinds of places in Europe (from East to West, Nord to south) and travelled, privately and professionally, in around 60 countries around the world. I do speak Dutch ( we call it Flemish..), French, English and German fluently and hold some good basics in Spanish and Czech. But above all I still love my home country and that´s why I, together with my dearest co-host and sister, would like to share as much as possible of it with you through our lovely country designer house in The Meetjseland.

Furthermore I am an true optimist, adventurer en someone who adores a great glass while enjoying a lovely view.



Hello, my name is Fien. I am Dries´s sister and the happy co-host of Nummer Tien who makes sure that all of our guests will get a warm welcome and unforgettable stay. I am a textile designer who studied at the Sint-Lucas art school in Ghent Belgium. Nowadays I decided to became a part-time specialist: 1.I teach at the art academy in Geraardsbergen, 2. I am doing a postgraduate, 3. Trying to renovate and convert the house next to nummer tien into a loft and something more, 4. Hosting Nummer Tien :)

Futhermore I am a very active and energetic c person who loves good food, life and is happily together with a chef Jonas